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A nap and a lap of luxury

For all of you that know me, you’ll know that I love napping and I love Lush products. So you can imagine me being like a kid at Christmas when my gift last year was a treatment voucher to use in the exclusive (then new) Lush Spa in Cardiff.

Mama Duggs knows my scents very well, so she picked wisely when purchasing the Comforter? treatment for daughter dearest here 🙂 The Lush Spa didn’t actually open until March 2017, so I decided I was going to book myself in before my holiday in July, as by the then after stressful deadlines etc I would hella need it.

The day of the treatment I arrived in store and headed to the reception desk to check myself in. Jeez I sound like I was off to rehab or something, at the time trust me it felt like I was close to it! Anyway we all know the ladies and gents who work in lush are a super happy bunch to be around so it was welcoming as always. One of the girls Amy gave me a hand and arm massage whilst I waited for the therapist to come down and get me, so I already smelt fabulous! Chantelle my lovely therapist then came to collect me and up in the lift we went, I never even realised the spa was upstairs, I thought it was an out the back job.

The spa was AMAZING! the decor, the facilities, the quiet, everything. Chantelle and I sat down and I sipped my lovely Cucumber water whilst Chantelle talked me through how she would be treating me. The Comforter? treatment consists of a Hot Chocolate body scrub and massage followed by warming Rose body serum and retails at £85. Chantelle showed me the blocks of Choc and Rose serum before they were melted down, the scents were stunning and well up there with Rose Jam and Honey I washed the kids scents which are my faves!

After the consultation we went to the treatment room. The feel of the Comforter? treatment is to take you back to those childhood nostalgia days where sweet scents surrounded you and bedtime was mandatory. When I walked into the room it did not dissapoint! Sparkling stars lit the ceiling and a pink hue light subtly lit the room, there was kind of magical music playing which at first reminded me of a Tim Burton film track or Edward Scissorhands, something like that anyway! A few people commented on my Instagram that it sounded like the music you hear when standing in line at a theme park, I can see what they mean now. Anyway it turned out to be a musical piece from Harry Potter. Not really a Harry Potter fan so that went right over my head!

Anyway there was a bed in the middle of the room with pillows and an eye mask and duvet. This was a ‘me’ treatment down to a T. Gota love them snoozy times! So off I stripped and got into bed. I rang the ready bell and in Chantelle came and the treatment began. She started by focusing on each limb with the melted down Chocolate scrub, massaging as she went. I expected it to get a bit messy being tucked in in a duvet and all, but the scrub sank in so delightfully and didnt seem to drip away at all. Chantelle worked wonders with her massage techniques and the warmth of that Chocolate combined was divine. She had warmed towel mitt type things on as well to remove the scrub.

I should mention the amazing soundtrack that was playing whilst I led there being pampered. I can’t remember every track as I was so relaxed and kinda unaware by this point, but naturally Willy Wonkas Pure Imagination played at one point. It was a given really considering the nature of the treatment and the senses you are supposed to feel. The certain other tracks I caught wind off did certainly get me remembering back to my days as a nipper! particularly clips from childhood movies or maybe something my parents used to play to me, so in terms of it being a nostalgic treatment it scored full marks!

Once the scrub was removed, the bubbling Rose serum was applied all over my body. Seriously if you were able to get these treatment products in store to buy my debit card would be shedding actual tears! I guess it’s a good thing they aren’t, as then you wouldnt get that one off luxury feel for an hour. After the hour had passed Chantelle notified me the treatment was finished, I felt relaxed but luckily I hadn’t dozed off which I seriously expected, especially being led in a bed! As I sat up and got out to get dressed I did feel very light as if I was floating, I think I wasn’t used to relaxing that much. Those who know me know I am a full on stress head, so this sensation was muchly welcomed!

Once I was dressed I met Chantelle in the Spa kitchen which was giving me serious kitchen interior goals may I add. Chantelle had a Martini glass waiting for me filled with a Candy Floss like substance, she poured a tiny bottle of something into it and the candyfloss dissapeared to reveal a VERY sugared type looking cocktail. It was only sugar water but it gave me a nice refresh, and was a quirky and sweet ending to my hour of luxury. Chantelle was super cute and comfortable to be around throughout as I am sure all the therapists are. I am looking forward to this Xmas so I can ask for another voucher, the big question is, what treatment to go for next? Let me know in the comments on any recommendations!

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Duggs x



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