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The price you pay…

Haven’t blogged in a while, and whilst planning my holiday wear I decided it was time to rant about BOOBS. If you have have been blessed (or cursed if you’d prefer) with big boobs then you will know the struggle is real!

As I sit here and plan my attack of getting suitable boob wear for holiday I can tell you I own 5 bra’s, why? because If I were to get a number of adorable bras for every occasion I would need to take out a mortgage. I am a 38G which means I can’t rely on popping into Primark and grabbing some bikini tops or bras for less than a fiver, oh no I have to go on an absolute mission.

I find it highly discriminating that if you have big boobs you have to pay the price, literally. It’s like saying we need more material to make a size 16 skirt as opposed to a size 8, yes, but you don’t up the price on that skirt depending on size do you? So why should it be any different with bras? I didn’t ask to grow up having these melons but yet I AM PAYING THE PRICE, and do not start me on the weight thing. I have lost plenty of weight in the past, and I was still an E cup at my smallest. If you’re born with it, you’re born with it. If I lost a couple of stone now I would still be big boobed, that’s just me. When I need a bra or bikini it will cost me a minimum of about 50 quid. To me that is a lot of money. The places available to me to have a decent bra sometimes only guarantee them for 6 months. So you can see why I don’t have sets galore of lingerie. When it comes to bikini buying, yes I could opt for a swimsuit, but I look better in bikinis and I should have a choice and not have to sacrifice.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of retailers out there who cater for curvy/big chested women and that is great, but why must we have to pay large sums of money because we have to shop with that brand. I mainly shop with M&S and Bravissimo for my boob needs, because you can’t fault the fit and support and you do get what you pay for, but surely you can have the same quality as a regular b cup at the exact same price? If I was a said B cup, I could walk into Primark and pick up a bikini probably without the ordeal of trying various fits on and head straight to the checkout, 6 quid, DONE. At a G cup, it would be a day filled with rage.

So moving on to the day after holiday shopping. Shopping is a bad enough ordeal, but shopping on a Saturday is hell. I thought I would stop at Primark first, I hadn’t been there in a while so thought that by some miracle maybe they had upped their game with the Swimwear… Nope as expected. There were one or two nice ones but of course they only went up to a D cup. I started to feel sorry for myself instantly. Instantly knowing that my Debit Card was about to get raped in one of the catering stores for us busty gals!

I set off to head to Bravissimo as this is wear I have to buy my bras every 6 months or so. Got there, store had moved. FFS! I walked all the way over to the newest shopping centre and finally managed to find it. The store had doubled in size so I felt hopeful of a range of Swimwear to try. Little did I know they had only opened the new store that day, so full stock was still yet to come in. I managed to find only one Bikini I liked, the girls in there were super helpful and I had a bra fitting to see if my size had changed at all. The Bikini I had my eye on had one in stock in my size and it fit! Baring in mind I hadn’t even touched on the price. I asked the girl if it was 36 pounds (sorry can’t find the pound sign since my computer update) for the bikini set, she said no the bottoms were sold separately, so off to the till I went where I departed with 56 quid!!!!!!! I know businesses need to make money, I appreciate that, but If I wanted to spend that much by choice I would just shop Designer. I have and always will shop with Bravissimo as its reliable and the only oprion available to me really, being born this way and all that. It is quite simply a luxury, add a few more grand onto my salary and maybe it won’t burn so much.

There is still the fact that I can’t go away with one Bikini. I am waiting on some extra money so will be able to pick something up online by hours of trawling in the sales. Even then I won’t know if it will fit, especially as it will be from somewhere I have never tried before. If that all fails, I will just have to bring with some old Bikini bottoms and go topless, with a sign that says ‘I couldn’t afford a new Bikini top’

Here is my Swimwear in all it’s glory. If you like it, click here to get linked!

DD+ Swimwear






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