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Tonsillectomy 10 day turbulence

I am starting to write this blog on day 6 of my post op journey. I am sat here swirling down liquid Co Codamol and Ibuprofen with tears running down my face and quite frankly I have lost my mind and the will to live.

REWIND back 6 days ago. After 10 years of suffering with Tonsillitis and basically having two dead balls of flesh still hanging in my throat, the day had come to have them dealt with once and for all. This was my first ever operation, yes I was scared but the thought of never having these flesh devils hanging over me again with their white spots of doom was relishing. I was ready!

On the day I was quite calm, my main concern was that I didn’t have an exact time that I would be having the operation, just that I had to be there at 7.30am. From 6am I had to stop even having sips of water. I suffer with very dry mouth and drink a hell of a lot of water so this was a real concern for me especially with nerves etc.. Little did I know this would be the least of my bloody problems!

I got wheeled up to the Anesthetic room about 10:20am. I had already spoken with the surgeon and nurses previously so was informed of what would be happening. The nice anesthetic lady was having a good old chat with me and because of nerves I was literally giving this woman my life story. She said she was going to start me off on a bit of painkiller and some Valium to relax me known as a ‘pre op’. I remember feeling off my face and not feeling my legs and ended up out of it before they put the actual anesthetic in, next thing I know I am waking up with an oxygen mask on my face and a nurse welcoming me back to reality. Reality with a bang let me tell you! I was instantly shot up with Morphine which took a few attempts mind to completely numb me but amen to that god send!

As this was my first operation they didn’t know if I would react afterwards to the anesthetic, luckily I was fine. No nausea and no sickness yippee! I was wheeled down to the ward then, where I would be staying overnight. There I met a nice girl I had been chatting to earlier in the morning who was having her flesh devils taken out as well. By this point we were both now tonsil less, and we were discussing, whilst still being off our faces on meds that it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. AGAIN little did I know. Alex and mama came to visit me later on which was nice, I was still out of it so can’t remember much, just remember telling them how much I loved them. Once they left, dinner was served. I was hungry as had to starve myself for 24 hours before the op, so went for a soft potato with beans. Epic fail, mouth wouldn’t even open far enough to get the grub in. sipped some milk and then endured a sleepless night of being checked up on every hour as standard.

The next day I was discharged as I had no initial bleeding. I still thought what I was feeling was bearable, fast forward to day 4. NO JUST NO. The pain was kicking in, I was starving but too swollen with a locked jaw to barely get a few mouthfuls of anything in. Now I am a massive foodie, so this felt like I was a prisoner in my own body, I needed food,I wanted food but my body physically wouldn’t let me. It was absolute torture. The 3 painkillers I was on. Codeine, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol did take the edge off the pain, but this was short lived. Sleep became non existent, as I would fall asleep and an hour later the dryness in my throat would throb to the point of me actually seeing the throb beat come out of my neck for gods sake! Naturally I would wake up. I became sleep deprived, weak from barely any food and emotionally drained. I would cry most nights, mum did all she could to support me, whilst Alex was away working, but then I felt far away from him that I would take it out on him via txt and told him I didn’t think he should be with me. I had literally lost my tiny mind and it was shitty people.

Day 7  I was awake most of the night, I was on the edge. I was never told to come back for a follow up appointment or anything at the hospital or with my local doctor, and I started to think how can I remain positive that this ordeal will soon be over when I haven’t even got a professional telling me I am healing and on the mend. So I got in the car and drove 3 minutes down the road to the doctors surgery. I told them I need to be seen and that I had just had this operation with no follow up suggested, and that quite frankly I couldn’t take much more. Straight in I went. First for bloody everything let me tell you. I could have keeled over in utter shock. The doctor took one look at me and said ‘I smell infection’ FUCKIN EXCELLENT I thought, my dream of that recovery I had in sight was shot to shit in seconds. Couple of boxes of Penicillin and off I went, back to bed to cry.

I am day 9 now, but last night and this morning I was coughing up blood clots. Part of one is still sat in my right tonsil bed. I am not actively bleeding, and its not live and running down my throat or anything. It’s inevitable people will have a small bleed after this procedure, how the hell could you not? especially when the scabs fall off, grim! BUT you are told to still get it checked out, so I am off to A&E.

Get to A&E and am seen super quick, thank god as this is the middle of the night now. The nice doctor lady said she knows I am in hell as she too had her Tonsils out. She said she can see a small clot but no active bleeding as I too knew as I couldn’t taste that blood taste. She calls the ENT surgeon who comes and takes a look, Now these clots started on the right side and them moved to the left which is why I thought I better get myself checked. He couldn’t see any sign of a bleed on the right hand side and said it looked like it was healing well. He wanted to take a blood count to be sure I wasn’t bleeding from another part of the throat and put me on a fluids drip for constant hydration, more needles 😦 . He said that if I am OK and no more bleeding I could go home in the next 5 hours. I was relieved. Anyway after 6 HOURS of sitting in a chair, not a bed, a chair with this drip in me another ENT consultant came round. He recognized my name from the surgery list at the Gwent on the morning of my operation as that’s where he was usually based. Anyway I tell him I haven’t had any active bleeding or a constant pour since this began Tuesday, so I wasn’tconcerned. He told me he wanted me to stay in on an antibiotic drip and clearly my antibiotics weren’t working because of the small bleed. I was like ermmm yes they are working, I no longer need as much painkillers and I can actually eat in comfort now and a lot of white coating has disappeared. I am no doctor but I know my own body and when  I respond to treatment to do with these bastard tonsils. So this time I was right, He went on to say that if I left hospital I could have a life threatening bleed, again this had been happening since Tuesday and I knew why I bled because my healed scabs fell off, trust me I witnessed it mate! I can understand he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t insist I stayed in, but never the less I chose to discharge myself. I had been through enough, I just couldn’t deal, maybe I had made a huge mistake. Only time would tell.

So anyway I am on day 11 now, I am sleeping right through the night for the first time in weeks! God I love sleep as opposed to the sleep deprivation I had had. I am off the painkillers and am eating all my favorite things again, yippee! Look below at my top tips to cope. Overall this has been a journey down the highway to hell but it has been worth it to know I will never have the worry of Tonsillitis hanging over me again and again. I couldn’t afford to have Tonsillitis again it took too much of my life away and it was severe enough to land me in hospital a few times, so this was probably the best decision I had made. Anyone looking to have this done, hang in there and stay strong! you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon enough I assure you!

Top Tips!

  • Warm drinks are your friend and they take the edge off.
  • Keep on top of your pain meds every 4 hours before the hellish pain begins. I took two co codamol and 2 ibuprofen. Yes you will be constipated, but I’d rather be that than in dyer pain.
  • I found ice cream and anything super cold my enemy. It started the pain straight back up, so avoid.
  • Eat as normal as you can to avoid infection and help clean the throat. I would avoid any foods with a sharp edge as this just causes more damage especially to the scabs.

Feel free to comment below and let me know your experiences fellow sufferers, and we can all look back on this and have a good old laugh!


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