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Some of you may be aware going by my previous post that I suffer A LOT of tummy troubles. If you were not then do read on, you can join the many folks who I have ranted and whinged to regarding the matter. Buckle up!

Back in September 2016 it was a dark day for me. Being a sufferer of IBS for many years I was used to the attacks and the pain I suffered, it had become a regular occurrence of absolute bloody misery.  One night after I was suffering with a normal attack on top of having a pelvic infection, which was brought on by bad bacteria in the gut seeking through to my lady organs, I decided I was at my wits end. In an attempt to stop my mind wondering to the point of considering dragging a knife across my abdomen, I browsed Twitter. I had followed the IBS network for a while on there and found comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in intestinal hell. They had posted that channel 5 were looking for people with tummy troubles to participate in a documentary series. I followed the link and read up about it. It was going to be a documentary along the lines of people getting worse and basically not being investigated by doctors. This was the opportunity I had been looking for, christ I was used to getting palmed off by doctors and given medication that didn’t even touch the sides, literally! So I applied via email, 2 days later I had a skype interview, further to that I was accepted onto the show!

Initially the crew came to the flat to film the backstory of me babbling on about my misery ans Alex got involved too with a little interview showing support which was nice. They filmed me outside sat on a wall and told me to look like I was contemplating life, I guess to add a bit of drama. By this point I just couldn’t keep a straight face, me and Alex were cracking up! It was about that time on take number 10 I realized I could never be a serious TV star Ahaha!

Any who scoot forwards a month and I was off to see one of the doctors of the show Dr Tamara. She was younger than I expected but lovely and inquisitive about my condition none the less. She advised I needed more specialist help and therefore referred me to a nutritionist and lifestyle coach Hannah Richards. So the next month it was back down to London to meet with Hannah at her clinic Rejuv based in Harley Street (ooohhh get me)

I met with Hannah a week before Xmas and after a detailed chat about my embarrassing eating habits and general lazy self, she gave me a plan of things to cut out. Initially I thought Xmas = instant fail. Anyway along with that I sent away a sample of my poop, which no other doctor had ever suggested I have done for a full Gastrointestinal screening.


A month later I was back with Hannah after cutting out Dairy, Bread and eating something green every day. I didn’t find it as hard as I thought it would be. The switch to Almond and Soy milk didn’t bother me, I don’t eat chocolate anyway, but I did miss my bread! I was delighted this had helped me feel better and I had shed some of my disgusting fat along the way and no longer felt like a pregnant looking bloated boo boo! Hannah gave me so much insight into my insides and how different foods heal etc… So I am utterly grateful for her guidance. Read more about Hannah here:

I won’t bore you anymore with the results etc, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point you watching me looking like a complete whale with bad lighting inflicted onto me would there?  But here are my results for you to have fun googling! See link below for a watch!


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