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In with the old

It’s fair to say I love anything vintage. Being a quirky soul with a photgraphic memory, I love when I see something in a charity shop for example like an ornament , it just takes me straight back to my youth! It would remind me of something my parents would have in the house we lived in back when I was a tot.

Me and Alex share the love of retro. When we moved into our flat, his parents donated us a duvet set. It was lovely, the pattern was so 80’s! It turned out that this duvet set was actually from the 80’s and Alex remembered it on his parents bed as a little one.


I have always been a fan of bargain hunting since my student days. I have never been a Fashionista, but I have always tended to have my own style being the alternative soul that I am. I am not a huge fan of the high street fashion stores, mainly because trying to find something to fit is soul destroying, but also because I don’t want to be stepping out in a hot off the rail piece of clothing that the girl stood next to me at the bar on a Saturday night is likely to be wearing (trust me I have witnessed this before). This is why I have always loved charity shops, you just never know what treasured pieces you will find! The sizing is more varied and I love the fact these are one off items. Knowing someone elses donation of unwanted clothes and nik naks hasn’t gone to waste and ended up being my bargain of the day is a great feeling! People frown at me when I tell them I buy a lot of my clothes from charity shops like it’s dirty or something to wear other peoples clothes. How many people do you think have tried on that outfit you are wearing in the New Look changing room huh? I always wash anything I buy before I wear it (I am OCD like that) Any way I have picked up some bargains along the way from a Selfridges cardigan to some Marks and Spencer’s birthday shoes 🙂

selfridges cardibirthday shoesjamjar

Some pretty things right? I am soooooo glad Alex loves to charity shop hop with me, I love that there are so many charity shops to explore, not to mention the pop up vintage stalls we attend in Cardiff. We recently visited event run by Vintage Weigh and Pay, it was great. Nothing was individually priced, they just gave you a bag on arrival and for every Kilo the bag weighed with your goodies in you paid 15 quid! Alex bought a Beret and a denim jacket and I picked up a blouse, 2 handbags and some Lennon style sunglasses. More bargain success!




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